Oral Delivery Platform

ODP DiagramThe Oral Delivery Platform (ODP) consists of synthetic and biocompatible microparticles that incorporate an optimized mixture of cancer-specific immunotargets, immuno-stimulatory compounds, and lymphatic system targeting moieties that will effectively and safely engage a powerful immunogenic response against cancer cells throughout the body. Passing through the small intestine, ODP™ microparticles deliver their potent immunostimulating cargo to regional antigen presenting cells, which then orchestrate a robust and specific activation of cytotoxic T-cells, resulting in an efficient and potentially durable anticancer response. ODP combines micro-technology with cancer-specific immunotherapy to deliver a strong, safe, and efficient off-the-shelf product due to a straightforward and flexible manufacturing process that is designed to deliver a cost-effective and cancer-tailored product. The customizable multi-antigen targeting capabilities of ODP have been designed to fill the cumulative unmet needs of efficacy, specificity, safety and cost-effectiveness currently missing in the cancer immunotherapy field.

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