K.A.I.-BLADE Immunotarget Platform

Kiromic has curated a proprietary comprehensive, unlimited and programmatically expandable genomic and proteomic library.

Kiromic Artificial Intelligence (K.A.I.) program is predictive and cognitive. It has been trained to access Kiromic library to distinguish between disease-specific and normal genes (antigens) via differential expression analysis. It can specify the cellular localization of the gene then predict and quantify the correlation between disease-specific genes and survival. K.A.I. is also a meta analysis tool that works for infectious diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, auto-immune diseases and cancer. It can also predict the optimal therapeutic regimen to be used in the clinic in order to target the identified antigen.

K.A.I. is followed by a high throughput assay array of tests (referred to as Biomarker Lead Antigen Discovery Engine (BLADE™)) aimed at validating the immunogenicity of the K.A.I. prioritised targets and peptides.

In the clinic, and to screen for antigen-expression signatures in patients prior to treatment, Kiromic technology works with just a few drops of blood, and does not need a tumor sample, thus requiring minimally-invasive procedures while generating very rapid results.

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