BSK01: Injectable

Kiromic’s focus is creating the next generation of immunotherapy

BSK01 is Kiromic’s most advanced clinical product and the result of more than 20 years of research in the field performed by Kiromic team.
It is an autologous mature dendritic cell-based therapy that is FDA-cleared for Phase I/II clinical trials for solid and hematologic malignancies

In the clinic, a patient’s immune cells (dendritic cells) are harvested, and trained to attack and defeat cancer cells carrying the K.A.I-BLADE identified targets that are specific to the patients cancer type and medical history. Dendritic cells that have been trained against a cocktail of cancer antigens are engineered into a proprietary injectable drug called BSK01 Thus, BSK01 is a flexible system that can be used to trigger immune responses to a defined set of tumor antigens that can be modified according to the antigenic phenotype displayed by the patient’s particular tumor.

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