Kiromics therapies in development:

*ODP = Oral Delivery Platform / Orphan Drug Designation for ovarian cancer awarded June, 2016

Our immuno-oncology therapies are designed to successfully destroy cancer cells, while allowing healthy cells to remain unharmed. Our therapies are able to accomplish this goal by targeting substances specifically expressed by cancer cells. Kiromic’s efforts have led to the identification of two classes of cancer biomarkers that serve as targets to develop new cancer therapies: immunotargets and inhibitors. The advantage of using these cancer-specific targets includes improved efficacy and lower toxicity (i.e., fewer side effects), compared to currently approved cancer treatments.

For information of Kiromic BioPharma’s clinical trials, please visit: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=kiromic&Search=Search


BSK, our therapeutic candidate furthest in development, is a cell-based immunotherapy that reprograms the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer.


BSK02 Is the world’s first-in-class synthetic oral cancer immunotherapy generated through our dual core technolgy BLADE-SMART. Unlike oral immunotherapies based on live attenuated bacteria/viruses, BSK02 is based on our-newly designed T-cell activation platform, ODP, consisting of cell-free, fully biocompatible synthetic microparticles.


KTI is a unique cancer therapy being developed to directly block cancer cell growth and prevent cancers from spreading. KTI also has the potential to activate the patient’s own immune system to fight cancer cells, and is being developed to address both hematologic and solid malignancies.