Jose A. Figueroa, MD

Jose A. Figueroa, MD serves as Kiromic’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Figueroa is a physician-scientist specialized in translational research and Phase I/II clinical trials, and an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of oncologic conditions. He has served as medical director and clinical research director of several cancer centers, as well as Principal Investigator in many multi-center phase I, II and III clinical studies. Dr. Figueroa has participated in the early clinical development of several novel chemotherapeutics (i.e., micellar paclitaxel formulations, exatecan mesylate, temozolomide) and biologicals (i.e., anti-sense oligonucleotides against Protein Kinase C alpha and Hypoxia inducible factor 1, ipilimumab, EGFR antagonists and enzastaurin). Dr. Figueroa is responsible for the design and conduct of early clinical studies in targeted patient populations and the evaluation of safety, immune efficacy and clinical response (phase I/II studies) of Kiromic’s novel immuno-therapeutic strategies.

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