We have developed therapies that give the immune system the tools to recognize and fight cancer cells. Our first class of therapies work by telling the immune system to detect and attack cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. Our second class of therapies work by directly blocking cancer cell growth and preventing cancer from spreading.

The illustration shows how Kiromic’s investigational technology can result in the activation of killer T-cells (a specialized type of white blood cell) leading to a targeted attack on cancer cells throughout the body.

BLADE Immunotarget Platform

Our unique Biomarker Lead Antigen Discovery Engine (BLADE) technology combines bio-informatics, high-throughput gene expression analysis, biochemistry and immunology to identify and directly validate new immunotarget candidates in patients suffering from cancer. BLADE database consists of an optimized library of protein combinations derived from specific expression signatures. Through a proprietary protein array, BLADE is capable of directly detecting new, highly immunogenic immunotargets and selecting the immunodominant epitopes in a single step process. BLADE works with just a few drops of blood, and does not need a tumor sample, thus requiring minimally-invasive procedures and very rapid results. Through its BLADE technology, Kiromic is able to identify novel cancer immunogenic peptides with a high probability of being translated into effective targets for cancer immunotherapy. Moreover, BLADE can detect and compare immunological signatures of cancer patients to support the diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of immuno-targeted therapy responses. BLADE works with any cancer type and is to date the only known high-throughput platform for directly identifying new immunotargets based on immunogenicity in a straightforward design for the development of novel cancer targeted therapies.


The T-cell activation technology combines the immunotargets elucidated by BLADE technology, and through a recombinant process of multifactorial peptides, results in a safe and effective activation of the immune system by specifically reprogramming T-cells against cancer. The immunotarget optimized formulation generated by BLADE is directly applied to the manufacturing of Kiromic’s proprietary, first-in-class, oral synthetic and biocompatible BSK02-ODP immunotherapy product. BSK02-ODP delivers its optimized immunotarget cargo to the Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT), one of the most potent immunocompetent tissues in the human body, triggering the activation of cancer-specific cytotoxic T cells, which seek and destroy antigen-positive cancer cells through the body, resulting in a robust, safe and efficient activation of the immune system against specific cancers.

Oral Delivery Platform – ODP

ODP DiagramThe Oral Delivery Platform (ODP) consists of synthetic and biocompatible microparticles that incorporate an optimized mixture of cancer-specific immunotargets, immuno-stimulatory compounds, and lymphatic system targeting moieties that will effectively and safely engage a powerful immunogenic response against cancer cells throughout the body. Once it passes through the small intestine, ODP microparticles then deliver their potent immunostimulating cargo to regional antigen presenting cells which then orchestrate a robust and specific activation of cytotoxic T-cells, resulting in an efficient, effective and potentially durable anticancer response. ODP combines micro/nanotechnology with cancer-specific immunotherapy to deliver a strong, safe, and efficient off-the-shelf product due to a straightforward and flexible manufacturing process that is designed to deliver a cost-effective and cancer-tailored product. The customizable multi-antigen targeting capabilities of ODP have been designed to fill the cumulative unmet needs of efficacy, specificity, safety and cost-effectiveness currently missing in the cancer immunotherapy field.



Kiromic’s BLADE-SMART (BSK) ecosystem is tailored to each individual cancer patient to maximize the SAFETY, EFFICACY and SPECIFICITY of immunotherapy.